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Admission Open For Session 2017-18
EpocH OlYmPiad foundation
S.No.Roll NoStudent NameClassTotal Marksobtain MarksState RankSchool RankAward Won
1 23000201Sourya Omar I1  2607Certificate Of Appericiation
2 23000301Anshika 1  2505Certificate Of Appericiation
3 23000401Praveen Kumar Sahu1  1942Trophy
4 23000501Ishti Nigam1  2454Certificate Of Appericiation
5 23000601Yuvraj1  1891Trophy
6 23000901Sourya Omar II1  2526Certificate Of Appericiation
7 23001001Erit Arya1  2003Trophy
8 23000102Aakashi Nigam2  3122Certificate Of Appericiation
9 23000502Naba Fatima2  1951Trophy
10 23000103Nandini Singh 3  2526Certificate Of Appericiation
11 23000203Yash Kharya3  1982Trophy
12 23000303Miss Ayushi Tripathi3  1781Trophy
13 23000903Alisha Khan3  2324Certificate Of Appericiation
14 23001003Mohd. Ahmad3  2627Certificate Of Appericiation
15 23001103Divya Raj Singh3  2998Certificate Of Appericiation
16 23001203Nandini Singh 3  2425Certificate Of Appericiation
17 23001403Vishesh3  2003Trophy
18 23000304Kushal Purwar4  1903Trophy
19 23000404Ananya Singh4  2568Certificate Of Appericiation
20 23000604Shivani Mishra4  2346Certificate Of Appericiation
21 23000704Shreeji Gupta4  28911Certificate Of Appericiation
22 23000804Ramendra Singh4  2679Certificate Of Appericiation
23 23000904Anushka 4  1994Trophy
24 23001004Devansh Omer4  27810Certificate Of Appericiation
25 23001104Priyankhil Tiwari4  2195Certificate Of Appericiation
26 23001204Shiv Pratap Gupta4  1791Trophy, Gold Medal
27 23001304Kapidhwaj Soni4  1852Trophy
28 23001404Priyansh Tiwari4  29012Certificate Of Appericiation
29 23001804Satyak Sachan4  2457Certificate Of Appericiation
30 23000105Vishwas Omar 5  27012Certificate Of Appericiation
31 23000205Ayan Uddin5  2508Certificate Of Appericiation
32 23000305Nitesh Mishra5  2366Certificate Of Appericiation
33 23000405Harsh Sachan5  1762Trophy
34 23000505Arhama Junaid5  1823Trophy
35 23000705Vansh Nigam5  2427Certificate Of Appericiation
36 23000805Anvesha Singh5  2539Certificate Of Appericiation
37 23000905Abhay Yadav5  25710Certificate Of Appericiation
38 23001005Gagan Yadav5  1884Trophy
39 23001105Mohd. Subhan5  991Dictionary, Gold Medal
40 23001205Ritansh Sahu5  2005Trophy
41 23001405Mritunjay Singh5  26811Certificate Of Appericiation
42 23001605Priya Yadav5  27213Certificate Of Appericiation
43 23001705Haripriya Dwivedi5  N/AN/AABSENT
44 23000106Mani Tiwari6  1001Dictionary, Gold Medal
45 23000606Divyanshi6  N/AN/AABSENT
46 23000906Saumya Nigam6  1604Trophy
47 23001006Apoorv Nigam 6  2569Certificate Of Appericiation
48 23001106Harshit Saini6  1985Trophy
49 23001206Abhay Krishna6  27011Certificate Of Appericiation
50 23001306Rahul Yadav6  26310Certificate Of Appericiation
51 23001406Kartikey Nigam6  1553Trophy
52 23001506Rhythm Sachan6  2427Certificate Of Appericiation
53 23001906Avanish Pathak6  2498Certificate Of Appericiation
54 23002006Shivam6  32312Certificate Of Appericiation
55 23002106Vartika Yadav6  2356Certificate Of Appericiation
56 23002206Harshit Verma6  1462Trophy
57 23000707Divyansh Gupta7  2443Certificate Of Appericiation
58 23000807Sindhuja Nigam7  1731Trophy
59 23000907Anurag Sharma7  2684Certificate Of Appericiation
60 23001607Jahanvi Omar7  1952Trophy
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